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I have the American ranch in 350 legend, mine is the compact stock version. At 100 yards mine will do 2" on average with shooting off a bench with just a front bag. My friend does much better with it than me as he takes his time and is usually a better shot than me, so he's averaging around 1.5" or better.

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Savage Pre Fit Barrel. Base Prices: $420. Savage Prefit Replacement Barrels! Preferred Barrels Review. Savage rifle offerings are a great platform for multi-caliber setups due to the barrel nut that holds the barrel tight to the receiver and sets headspace. This allows the end-user to change barrels easily at home with minimum tools.

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Sep 15, 2021 · The matte-blued .350 Legend is fitted with a 22-inch round, blued steel barrel with 1:16 rate of twist. The rifle is dressed with capable iron sights – a fully adjustable folding leaf rear and a ....

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Tactical Kinetics 20 inch AR-15 350 LEGEND Melonite Barrel - $199.99 20 inch 350 LEGEND AR-15 Barrel, 4150 CMV and Nitrided, 1/16 Twist, Medium Contour Barrel Profile with Carbine length Gas System - made by Tactical Kinetics. Our Tactical Kinetics AR platform barrels are constructed from the finest ... AeroCS_22. Expiration date Unknown Store.

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